Orchids and Oxfords - NYC Empire State Building

I’ve moved to NYC! I couldn’t wait to share this big news. Especially excited to be in New York because it will add so much to the website. I just officially moved this past week to start a new job in the city. I’m so excited to be in New York and explore all the city has to offer. Including it’s incredible fashion, food, design, lifestyle, as well as navigating a career here.

I’ve always wanted to live in New York and finally decided to make it happen. It definitely was not easy switching jobs and moving from D.C. to New York. Such a whirlwind of applying, interviewing, accepting, apartment searching, and moving.

With all this, I can’t wait for the direction Orchids & Oxfords will take in this new city, NYC. There are so many new and favorite brands to explore that match the classic yet trendy aesthetic of this site. I hope to add to my content and provide even more fashion along with lifestyle, home, food, and career advice.