About Me:

Hi I’m Mary! I’m a twenty something professional living and working in New York City. I started Orchids and Oxfords as a way to explore my personal style and interest in fashion. I found myself leaning towards minimalistic, chic, versatile, and classic styles.

Like most girls, I love reading fashion blogs but I found a lack of outfit inspiration with clothes I could see myself wearing in my everyday life. Maybe like you, I work 9 to 5. My days are full of work, activities, events and time with friends. I like to be chic, minimal, and comfortable in my everyday clothes. Affordable fashion is a must too.

I love fashion and finding new trends and clothes to wear. I created Orchids and Oxfords to show minimalistic fashion inspiration and clothes you can re-wear in your daily life.

Orchids and Oxfords is an ever evolving site and I hope you enjoy!