Best Iphone Apps for Bloggers

A lot of blogging is done on our phones. Posting to all social media channels with quality pictures and content while keeping everything organized can certainly be a challenge. It’s something I really struggled with when I first started out. I couldn’t figure out how so many other blogger’s had the perfect Instagram theme. I would edit my pictures in Lightroom, export them, and upload one at a time. Not only did this not follow any cohesive theme, it was extremely frustrating. How do I get this photo to look like this other one that was taken on a completely different day? Plus, how do I even know what they will look like together without editing all my photos in advance and putting them side by side?

After doing much research, I realized I wasn’t using the many amazing resources out there that make blogging and content creating so much easier! Which, If there is one key to social media and content creation it’s being consistent. This applies to frequency of publishing but also aesthetic and quality. Planning with the right tools makes quite a difference of ease in the entire blogging process! I’ve put together a list below of all the best apps for bloggers that I use daily for planning and posting my images to social media.


I’m sure a lot of you reading this already use VSCO or have at least hear of it. Basically, VSCO is a photo editing app which also provides filters and themes that you can apply to any picture. It’s extremely easy to use. You can upload however many photos from your camera roll, edit one photo with the filter you want (and any other edits), and then copy and paste it to all the photos you uploaded. You can then highlight and save all the photos back to a folder of your choosing. For the non professional photo editors, this is a really great beginning step to creating cohesive content on Instagram, or really any platform.

Another tip: go to Pinterest and search for VSCO themes. It will give you a visual list with photos and what edits to make to achieve that look!

2. Snug

Snug by far has been one of the most valuable apps I use when it comes to Instagram. It’s an Instagram layout planning tool. It loads your current Instagram feed and allows you to upload your photos and move them around to see how they look in your feed. I always use it at the beginning of the week to figure out how each new picture will look next to each other. It’s seriously a game changer! Edit any photos in your phone apps, play with themes, then upload to the app and see if you like how it looks. It makes planning Instagram posts so much easier.

3. Hootsuite

So if you’re not familiar with Hootsuite, it’s a social media scheduling service. It’s mainly used as a website but they also have an app. I highly suggest using Hootsuite to schedule your social media posts. It’s important to have content being shared to your social media of choice daily and consistently. With a full time job, that can be really difficult. Not going to lie, even just scheduling them can be time consuming. Which brings us to the app! If you already have most of the content on your phone, being able to schedule here and there when you have a few free minutes is amazing. It syncs with your account so you can see anything you’ve already scheduled or posted.

4. MetaTrixter

Okay, so this is an app I just found out about. So you know how with Instagram stories you can only upload photos taken within the last 24 hours? Well, MetaTrixter allows you to change the create date on your photos. All you do is upload your photo to the app, change the date to “Today”, and save back to your camera roll. Open Instagram stories and your photo will be there! That’s it. Amazing right?

5. Google Photos

Google Photos is the best app to use when it comes to getting your blog photos from your computer to your phone. For fashion bloggers, this is our main content. I don’t want to have to connect my phone to my computer every time and take up memory by having to store all these photos with my precious Iphone memory. So, whenever I edit photos on my computer for a new post, I drag and drop them into Google Photos. I can then upload them to my phone whenever I need one. Plus, you can delete it whenever as well and just grab again for other posts.

6. Afterlight

Afterlight is another solid photo editing app. It’s great for editing photos you take with your phone that you need to adjust before adding a filter. It allows you to make the pictures sharper, brighter, etc., with more capabilities than Instagram.

7. Layout

Layout is an app by Instagram. It let’s you create those combined photos you see from some fashion bloggers. It has an option to not have a border which I really like so you don’t have a white border around the photos when combined. For fashion bloggers, It’s great for showing two photos of an outfit at the same time and adds more visuals to your content.

Having the right tools and apps makes planning your blog’s social media so much easier! These are all the best apps for bloggers I’ve found really helpful with staying consistent. If there are any I missed and should be using please leave them in the comments below!